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Internet has really brought the worlds closer, as you can share your stuff with your friends and family on the go. Browsers have a significant importance, whenever internet is thought of, however when we talk about downloading things off the internet, ‘Download managers’ will be recalled. These are the applications which makes the world of sharing fast by providing a constant and faster download speeds. Uttorrent is one such application, which has taken the market by storm.


Torrents are now well known for internet users, popular for all the illegal download and precious treasury of rare applications. uTorrent is used to download files using such torrent files. Torrents uses peer to peer networking, which implies that the file you are downloading are stored on someone’s computer, who is seeding or keeping the torrent alive by continuously uploading the files off the internet. More the number of people seeding a files, more will be the downloading speed of the torrent.

Well, all of this doesn’t take place automatically, torrent clients plays a crucial role in downloading such files and are made specifically to download files using the same torrent protocol. There are several popular torrent clients including bit torrent, utorrent, etc. Out of this utorrent is more used by users. This nifty tool comes packed in just few MB’s and helps download files in Gig’s; which is the most significant thing about the application


Following are the features which will let you to download this application:

  • The utorrent is enabled with protocol encryption.
  • The utorrents provide the user with some keyboard shortcuts for refreshing the ads.
  • The utorrent also support peer exchange.
  • It support Internet protocol v6 and Teredo Tunneling.
  • The search bar and user interface is customizable for the user.
  • The utorrent is localized for sixty-seven different languages.
  • The application allows portable use as the single directory store the configuration settings and other temporary files.
  • The utorrent allows initial seeding of torrent files.
  • A current beta plugin lets the user to control the utorrent running on one computer to be controlled from another computer through internet or LAN.
  • The utorrent has also been enabled with a simple tracker which is designed for seeding the torrent files.
  • The app also .has a quick resume option when the downloading gets interrupted.
  • It has also been enabled with intelligent disk cache system.
  • It support HTTPS tracker and is configured with bandwidth scheduler.

And if you are looking for some more then you can buy its paid version for you, which will offer you the following features:

  1. Integrated file convertor: Convert any file into your desirable extension so that you can play it on your favorite device, which might be iPod, Android, Windows, etc.
  1. Media player: The paid version will be integrated with a High Definition media player to give you an amazing experience of your favorite TV series or music.
  1. Anti-virus: The antivirus that comes with this paid version will keep your PC safe from various malicious malwares.

The most wonderful part is that it can be used on various operating systems and is currently available for MS Windows, Mac, and Android.

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