Time to Visit Rio with Angry Birds Rio for PC

The epic and the large Google Play Store has definitely pampered us with tons of awesome apps and games. From those thrilling and beautiful photo editing apps to those cute little games. Each and every Android app or game has definitely attracted a big audience. On this issue, it is however important to note that not all games are perfect for every age. However, there is finally that one game that is absolutely perfect for kids and adults alike. And this game is popular Angry Birds Rio.


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Feel The Awesomeness With Angry Birds Rio

We all are absolutely familiar with the name Angry Birds that is often associated with an extraordinary level of awesomeness. But Angry Birds Rio is actually more popular and more exciting than any of the games present in the series. This game is actually the third sibling of the entire series. Like its other parts, this one too has been developed by Rovio Entertainment. However, it was also done by Fox Digital Entertainment along with Blue Sky Studios. Angry Birds Rio has been designed by Markus Tuppurainen along with Jaakko Iisalo and was initially released in March 22 in the year 2011.

Angry Birds Rio introduces its player with an exciting gameplay that is bound to keep all its players absolutely addicted to the game. This time, the Angry Birds are taken to Rio after having them kidnapped. And like its original version, the players of Angry Birds Rio also need to make use of the slingshot for launching the respective cute angry birds along with intending to hit the targets that shall be located either on or within them. However this time, instead of those extremely adorable pigs who had actually stolen the eggs, you have to rescue the exotic birds who are now all caged. Or you can also kills the marmosets of Nigel; as per your respective level. Since the game has Rio as its location, many special birds are also seen like Blu as well Jewel. These two characters are absolutely exclusive only for Angry Birds Rio. Of course to make sure that the game doesn’t also lose its main essence, the previous or rather the classic angry birds have also been included.

To ensure that Angry Birds Rio does actually present an absolutely thrilling plot, Nigel serves as the game’s main antagonist. However it’s not just the boss that heightens the challenges. You shall also face Mauro, who is the actual main leader of all the marmosets. With tons of awesome episodes and with the excitement that entails with adrenaline rush of this game, it won’t be quite wrong to say that Angry Birds Go definitely doesn’t deserve to be missed.

Visiting Rio on PC


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This fun packed game with about 320 levels can now be finally played on your respective PCs as well. Just download Bluestacks. And when it’s done, just get in to look for Angry Birds Rio. You next to need to complete the task of downloading and installing. And when these procedures have also been done, you are now absolutely good to go.

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