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TeamViewer is an application used for getting connected with multiple users at various work stations. There are numerous application which permits remote control of system; however, TeamViewer is the most well-known remote access application without any difficulty of accessibility. In addition to this it is more powerful. It can be utilized to manage a large number of workstations from different distinctive spots and system.


Features At A Glance

The principle components of TeamViewer is controlling of PCs remotely with the utilization of web, recoding of TeamViewer sessions and AVI format conversion. The online meetings can likewise be held with the utilization of this application. The TeamViewer supports multi-screen and provide the user with drag and drop feature when the application is already in use.


Passing control: The distinctive groups can have TeamViewer and can connect to the session. The control of session can be passed to any person. It is not the restricted control which has been seen in other alternative applications.

Group sessions: A single connection can be used for connecting with multiple parties. It is awesome while dealing with a group of people as the session can be changed whenever required. The various connections can be sorted in various tabs to make the sessions more composed.

File exchange: An incredible feature is that it allows drag and drop options for files to move from one PC onto the next. That way, in case you’re helping somebody take care of an issue and they require a specific document, you don’t have to waste time downloading it to their system or messaging it over. On the off chance that you as of now have the document, you can simply duplicate it over with a couple of clicks.


Protection: TeamViewer has a programming to recognize when “business use” is suspected, as it requires a permit to be obtained for business use. This brings up specific issues about the security of any activity, regardless of the possibility that utilizing the product is legitimate.

On the off chance that you require a solution to give yourself an access of using your own system remotely, or to connect with your friend’s or family’s system, the free version of TeamViewer is a decent alternative. Indeed, even a non-specialized individual ought to have no issue setting up a connection. The connection with PC or any server can be set up in few second with the utilization of this application. What’s more, the full controlling of partner’s PC can be gotten by user on the other side. Some negative focuses, for example, restricted utilization and moderate procedure of connection establishment need to be resolved in the next newer version.

In all TeamViewer is a solution for desktop sharing, file exchange, and NAT proxy. Both the user requires to run TeamViewer on both the system without much knowledge of connection establishment. An ID will be generated automatically for establishing the connection between the two by entering this ID. The ID should be entered in TeamViewer to build up the connection promptly.

Change log

The new form of TeamViewer is Version 10.0.45862 which incorporates up-gradation of remote access, better web support, bug fixes and other different improvements.

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