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With the increasing advent of the new software’s and applications; their disk space usage has also been increased to a greater extent. This can be very well understood by just comparing the windows OS, which came in just 700 MB’s for its earlier versions such as Windows XP; but has have expanded over to 3.6 GB’s for its latest edition, ‘Windows 10’. Well, this is not the only thing, all of the applications does create cached files, temporary files or other such junk files which end up using precious disk space on your drive. To get away with the free space you can use cleaner applications such as Ccleaner. It is one of the famous cleaner applications, available in the market.



Ccleaner has tons of useful features which makes it more famous among its users. There are two variants of the application available, one is free home version and the other is professional version which comes with a price tag. The professional version also comes packed with extra features which are not available in the free version. Free version of the application is good too though.

  1. Junk Cleaning: You can clean all the junk files present in your system using this nifty tool. It automatically gather all the temporary files and folders, along with the space they are using; finally you just have to click a clean button to get rid of all such data. It is also helpful in cleaning the .dat files which cannot be easily deleted from the system.
  2. Registry Manager: It also have an option to clean the registry. You can find this section under registry cleaner. It searches the registry to find the broken links, removed program registry entries and other traces of the unknown or uninstalled applications. Whereby listing all the entries so found. Finally, all such entries can be truncated or removed. You can also backup the registry entries before removing from the system, to add an extra bit of security.
  3. Shredder: Ccleaner also has a built in shredder, which can be used to securely remove the files and folders from the system. Shredder is used to remove the files or folders which are not to be recovered in any manner.
  4. Cleaning Apps and Browsers: Ccleaner is compatible with almost all of the browsers such as chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer etc. It automatically caches the temporary directory of temporary files, cache, cookies, saved pages, history etc. and removes them with ease. Well, in case you wish to keep some or all of the data you can configure the application to make exception by unchecking the respective options from the settings.

There are also some features such as monitoring and automatic removal; which are only present in the professional version of the application. All in all, the free version has almost all the features, however if you wish to automatize things, you can go for professional version.

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