FlashChat For Mac : Connect With Anyone On The Same Wi-Fi Network !

Over the times, we have seen that whenever you go to a hospital or airports, to communicate with each other landlines are used. But in this modernized world, it’s all about smartphones. Be it a college or an airport staff, to communicate with each other there are many messengers and social media platforms. But till date, there was no such app or messenger which allowed you to chat with your staff or office members on a single Wi-Fi network.


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This is where you need messengers like FlashChat. It is a unique messenger which allows you to chat with your loved ones or office friends when connected to a single Wi-Fi network. You can simply say that it creates a chat room. But have you ever tried to use this app on your Mac system? If not, today, I am going to explain you how exactly you can do that.

How To Download FlashChat for Mac?

To download any Android app on your Mac system, the first thing you need to is download emulator. There are many emulators available online and some of them are Bluestacks, YouWave, Andyroid, etc. But not all are considered to deliver perfect results and that’s the reason you need to download Bluestacks, which is trusted emulator by millions of users around the globe. Now let’s see the process of installing FlashChat for Mac:

  • Download the Bluestacks emulator. You can download it from here!
  • Now install the Bluestacks emulator on your Mac and let the files get loaded completely.
  • Launch the emulator and wait for few seconds so that you can see the home screen with full menu.
  • Hit the search box by typing FlashChat in it and download the official app displayed in the results.
  • Right after you download it, you need to install it and complete the procedure to create the profile.
  • Now when your friends or colleagues are connected on the same Wi-Fi network, you can contact anyone of them without any hassles.

I hope that you got an idea about how to download FlashChat on Mac. Isn’t it? But you might still search for specific reasons to install this app. So let’s see what makes this app handy for Mac users.

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Why To Use FlashChat Messenger?

FlashChat is the only messenger available that supports chatting in a group which is connected to a single Wi-Fi network. You can chat in a group or message to a single person by adding his/her profile in your messenger. It is easy to customize the notifications, sounds, vibrate mode and many from the messenger’s settings. Overall, all I can say is, when you use such messengers at your work place, it would reduce the time taken in communication as compared to the landlines. Send important messages or any images related to your projects in the group easily.

So what are you waiting for? Download FlashChat for Mac today and join the chat room today!

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