Download Picasa – The Perfect Photo Editor !

Picasa is an all in one image viewer, organizer that is made for digital photos and also contains an integrated photo sharing website. Picasa is acquired by Google and is distributed as a freeware! Isn’t that amazing? User friendly interface and Google’s trust makes this a premiere photo organizing, viewing and editing tool.


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We all love something that has all the functionalities integrated into one so that we won’t have to spend the time in searching different software for the needs. Picasa keeps your problems in mind, with this extremely useful software which serves as all in one digital photo handler.

Picasa- The Range of Features You Get

  1. Editing and Organizing Your Pictures

Picasa has some exclusive and unique features for organizing your pictures. It includes facial recognition, tags, file importing and sorting and collections that helps you sort pictures more easily.

In the editing category, it offers several basic tools and options that come in handy when you want to quickly edit and re adjust your photos, like color enhancement, red eye reduction tool and crop tool. Other important editing features include file conversions. After you finish editing the RAW file, you can chose to convert it into other formats like JPG and save them externally without altering the original RAW file.

  1. Viewing Images from Your Collections

There is no separate viewing window but you can view your images while you edit or if you want a full screen view, you can do so by going into slideshow or preview modes. Full screen view in edit mode can be accessed easily by pressing ctrl+alt keys.

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  1. Searching for Images

Picasa contains a search bar that is always visible whenever you are browsing your library. Images are searched based on tags, filenames, captions and folder names and a filtered result is always displayed.

  1. Backup Feature In Picasa Is a life Saver

You always live in the fear of losing your precious picture and thus Picasa saves all of your original images in form of picasa.ini files that are stored in the same location as your edited pictures as hidden files. With this you can make countless alterations without having made any permanent change to the original picture.

  1. Adding Location To Pictures Made Easy

Picasa writes geographic coordinates to your images and thus geotagging them in the process. Now you can share your memory with its location!

Countless Opportunities With Picasa Web Albums

Along with integrating with Google plus, Picasa also integrates with Web albums that serve as an image hosting and image sharing web service. Share your work with countless other art and picture enthusiast and browse other works to inspire yourself with new ideas! This service also allows users to store their images and with a Google plus account you would receive unlimited storage!

In Conclusion, Picasa is worth having in your Windows system as an extensive digital image organizing, editing and sharing software. Download it now!

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