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We have seen the massive developments in the science and technology segment in the last two centuries and witnessed some of the magnificent inventions, which have changed the world, especially for the human race to a great extent. With the advent of the computer, came the internet and various software and apps, which are an essential part of the computer world. The web browser is one of the most important issues in the web searching through the internet and there are lots of browsers, available in the web world, which is playing the pivotal role in the digital segment.

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Firefox is one of such web browsers, known as a very fast, tidy and light web browser with an open source license. In 2004, this web browser was launched and it is considered as the first challenger to the erstwhile dominance of the Internet Explorer. Since the inception, this web browser time and again featured as one of the top three internationally popular web browsers and it has been possible for its simple and useful User Interface, UI, strong security and speed. Nowadays, throughout the globe, advanced user’s community is actively using this browser to get their intended results.

Easier Browsing Experience

It can be noted that Mozilla Firefox has put a lot of resources and research to create the most simplified UI in a bid to make the browsing experience very easier and quicker in nature. They are the pioneer in creating the tab structure, now which has been taken up by almost all browsers. These days, they have put the focus on maximizing the browsing region, by the simplification of the toolbar controls and replaced it with a simple and flexible Firefox button, along with, the easiest back n forward buttons. The all important URL box is able to feature direct searching of Google and also there is a feature, named Awesome Bar, which is helping in automatic history / predict.

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The page loading speed in Mozilla Firefox is possible due to the excellent engine of JagerMonkey JavaScript, which is considered as an impressive feature of this web browser. If we compare the market, it could be found that the starting up speed and also the graphic interpretation are quickest in this browser. This is providing the Direct 2D and also the Direct 3D graphic scheme to manage the complex web contents and videos of various natures.


If the user is intending to browse in anonymity and secretly and most importantly, securely then the Firefox is the first of its kind, which provides a security of the user to browse privately, without being peaked by anyone else. The specialized and important items, such as; Passwords, searches, cookies, downloads and also the cached contents are getting removed on the shutdown of the device.

Development & Personalization

It is another feature of the Mozilla Firefox is the customization, which helps the individual user to get the best support from this browser and it can be done just by right click on the simple navigation toolbar.

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