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Today our society heavily depends on the Computer and almost every bit of our life is now being controlled by the computer and the internet, which are the most important scientific invention in the twentieth century. In the era of computer, the web surfing is an essential part in the process of acquiring knowledge and information, which is being done through some web browsers. The web browser is helpful in navigating, through the web world, for getting the results of the specific search.


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The Google Chrome is one of such browsers, launched by Google Inc., and having the most outstanding and advanced features, with most sophisticated technology, which is being loved by millions of people, across the world. This is quite faster, easier and most importantly the safer browser, available in the world of internet browsers. It was launched in the year of 2008 and within just 4 years, become the most favored and used browser and also the dominating one, which left behind other competitors far behind in the race for supremacy.

The Browser Profile

There are some special and important features, which made the Google Chrome as the clear leader in this segment. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Speed: This is the most important issue in the web browsing effort and due to billions of internet users; it’s often found that it is quite difficult to get the required speed, which is considered as the major problem and a major obstacle in getting the perfect browsing experience. Google Inc. perhaps invested the maximum impetus on the development of the Google Chrome in a bid to differentiate this with other similar kinds of browsers. This can be launched with electrifying speed from the desktop or any other compatible devices and also helps in running various applications, without any hindrance, courtesy; the engine of powerful JavaScript and loads the page quickly by means of the WebKit.
  • Simple & Clean UI: The User Interface, UI, is the most popular feature of the Google Chrome and most interestingly it has not been changed much from the launch of Beta in 2008. Google is focused on the trimming down of redundant toolbar space, which helps in maximizing browser’s genuine estate. This browser consists of three rows of the tools i.e. top layer, the middle layer and the URL box, which improves the experience of browsing and allows the direct Google searching and also any starred bookmarking icon.
  • Security: The sandboxing of this browser is automatically prevents malware, from automatically installing on the computer or also safeguarding other browsing tabs to get affected. It also helps in reducing noticeable breadcrumbs and removals of the tracking cookies at the shutdown.
  • Privacy: One of the most precious and popular features of the Google Chrome is the privacy, which helps the user to get protected. The Incognito mode of the browser allows the user to browse independently and confidentially; just by disabling of the browsing history records and provides required support for customizing the browsing preferences.

So, download Google Chrome now and start browsing on fastest browser.

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