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Bluestacks is an emulator application that allows android packages to be parsed and installed on to your PC. It is an android emulator that works superfluous on any computer on which it is installed. Although, there are some basic requirements of this application which must be fulfilled to make it run on PC. Bluestacks for PC is available free of cost as it is a freeware application. This application was developed with a view to provide its users a way to run their favorite android applications on their computer. Though there are many similar android emulators available in the market, but Bluestacks remains at the top of the list.



What Makes BlueStacks a Recommended Android Emulator?

Android emulators will make android package file i.e. apk files compatible with the windows or any other operating system. Such an emulator will also allow android based applications to be installed onto the system. This is the basic concept behind developing an android emulator. Bluestacks is one of the many such android emulators. In spite of being residing in a crowded community of apps, it had managed to be the most popular android emulator of all. There are various reasons behind this success, the main reason seems to be it cost which is ‘zero’ as it is a freeware application. Other reason includes its simple interface, settings and configurations. However, it does not have the best interface of all apps, but still is good enough to take you away and make any Android application to run on Windows or Mac based PC.


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Bluestacks will allow almost all of the applications that you would have been using on your Android device. For getting an app installed into Bluestacks, you will need to make a search for the respective application. Bluestacks main screen consist of four tabs out of which one is for search. Here you can make a search for the respective app. When searched for the first time you will require logging in to your Google account along with accounts for some other apps such as Amazon app store. Once logged in you can have access to all the apps on the go.


Talking about the android performance, it is quite good and highly depends on the configuration of your PC, especially on the GPU. However, playing high end games like NFL and angry birds a considerable amount of lagging was seen, and this was the case when the view was set to portrait. For landscape mode the results will also be satisfactory. This might be considered as a only drawback of the application. Additionally, multi-asking capability like that of Android device will not be there.

But wait! Still, Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator out there and the recommended Android Emulator for running any Android games or apps on your Windows or Mac based PC.

How to Get BlueStacks for PC?

As already discussed earlier Bluestacks is a freeware application. You can download it freely from here!


This application is best if you’re looking for an android emulator that can be used to do basic tasks as gaming and messaging or even taking experience of running Android application on big screen.

Note – If you are looking for an android emulator that can multi tasks your stuff without being shutting down accidentally, then this might not be a suitable application. However, In spite of this, Bluestacks is the most popular and most used android emulator.

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