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Avira antivirus is one of the most famous antivirus application available in the market. This wonderful application protects your windows based PC from virus attacks, all owing to its live virus scanning which detects the virus by continuously running in the background. The interface of the application is intuitive and easy to use. The interface mainly consist of a sidebar containing all the different options to configure the security settings. The rest part of the main screen shows the details of the overall security of the system, on which it is installed.


Avira antivirus is available as a paid application, although you can also download a trial version valid for a month or so. The trial version has only one restriction, which is regarding the update of the virus database. You can only update, if you have purchased the license of the application. The license come for a year, however you can make a purchase for more than a year too. After the expiration or after the trial period ends, the antivirus stops protecting your system; although you can still manually scan different locations.


Avira antivirus integrates itself flawlessly to the system, by showing up an option to scan any file or folder by merely a click. The most wonderful thing about the application is its ability to run the scan in the background. This feature automatically detects the virus in your system, when you are working on other tasks, thus saving time to manually scan the system for viruses. Besides this, it also automatically detects the presence of an external when whenever any external drive is attached to the system. Once detected, the external device is scanned for the viruses.

The scanning of these viruses is based on the comparison script, which search for the traces of infection in the files. These traces are stored a large database, which are called during the scanning. This gives an implication of the complexity of the application as for a single file, it has to go through millions of traces. Well, this is the main ‘prestige’ of such applications which makes them different from their competitors. As far as scanning is concerned, it doesn’t take a lot of time, however it does take a considerable amount of time, depending on the size of the location you are scanning.

Resource usage is quite a matter of concern, especially when it comes to system’s which do not have huge resources available. The resource usage can be said to be moderate, as compared to the other applications of the same category. The start-up time of your system might be increased a bit; although there aren’t even the slight hiccups during the entire runtime of the application in the background. It can also be observed that during scanning, the application could take some extra resources. To compensate for this, you can set it to run it in background to use the least amount of resources.

All in all, Avira Antivirus is a wonderful antivirus application; can be considered to be better than some of its competitors such as AVG antivirus, when comparing on the basis of processing speed and resource usage.

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