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Android apps and games are becoming more and more popular. The main reason behind this is their simplicity and quantity. There are thousands of apps and games on the Google Play Store that you might be aware of, however there is millions of other that you do not have any clues about. Android OS offers its users a broad variety of applications, even more that Microsoft Windows, and this is the only reason behind the development of software’s called Android Emulators. There are many android emulators, one of them is Bluestack. Bluestack was developed by a silicon-valley based company headquartered at California. Bluestack is now available for Mac OS too. Yes, you can run all of your Android apps and games using this application on your Mac OS X Snow leopard or later versions.


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Why To Use?

Bluestack is an Android emulator application developed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It can also be considered as a virtual machine allowing you the Android environment on your computers. Initially this was developed to fill the gaps for the people who do not have Android devices, but as the Android devices became a bit cheap this reason seemed to be fading away. Today, most of the users have acquired an Android device, big or small. High end phones are compatible with every other app and games, but there is a problem with low end devices. Low end devices struggle to meet up the requirements of the advanced application and here Bluestack comes to play. The users rolling on the low end devices or the devices having outdated AOSP’s or Android versions can simply use this emulator to enjoy all of the advanced apps on their PC’s.

Besides this, there is a category of people, calling them game creators or developers; this emulator can also be a very good option for them for testing purposes. Although, there are much better alternatives available to the developers in the form of eclipse, still Bluestack can also be used for simple performance studies. There are many other applications of this spectacular Android emulator which are boundless; for instance the same has now being used by some organisations for support systems. In this case WhatsApp is being used where a number is registered for the organisation and provided to the users, now users can just simple open their WhatsApp and chat for the support.

A look At The Alternatives!

Android Emulators has been in the existence since the development of the Android itself. There are many other android emulators available in the market such as Andy, You wave, Manymo, GenyMotion and many others. Each of them emulators possesses a different application of usage. The users who tend to just play games and run apps on their computers should go for Bluestack as it is the most brilliant Android emulator as you will also receive the updates of the emulator.


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You can download the BlueStacks for the source links provided bellow for free.

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