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Antivirus applications grew bigger with the internet began to spread all across the world. AVG antivirus is one such antivirus application, which has been in the existence since 1991. It is quite popular application, well known for fighting with viruses on your computer. The working of AVG is quite similar to other antivirus applications, according to which the files which are being scanned are compared with the traces of virus, malware, adware, etc.; stored to a local database. Well, when you update any such antivirus applications, you actually updates the database of the antivirus used for compared the results.


Hardware Requirements

AVG antivirus is compatible to almost all the windows based CPU, greater or equivalent to Windows XP.

Here are the full requirements:

Compatible with Windows Xp, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Processor: At least Intel’s Pentium clocked at 1.5 GHz or more.

At least 1GB of RAM is required, except for Windows XP where it can run with 512 MB of RAM.

1GB of disk space is required post installation.

Compatible to both x86 and x64 architecture.


The interface of the application is quite simple and minimalistic. You can readily find all the options on the main screen, whereby you can scan the preferred locations of your system. It also includes boot time scanning support. This functionality is quite important as there are some adwares and malwares, which cannot be removed during the runtime. Specifically, if your boot drive or system drive is infected with malwares, Trojans or other such viruses, they can only be removed during the boot time scanning. However, after the scanned some files may be removed, causing corruption of Windows.

There are two versions that you can see around the web including AVG antivirus and AVG internet security, both of these are paid applications, however there is also a trial version of both, lasting for 30 days. This is an evaluation package, with all the features functional except the update part. To update, you will need to purchase the license for the antivirus.

There are various shields for protecting different ports of your system, such as Email shield, spam, firewall, etc. Well, firewall is an optional feature, which you will need to download exclusively from the online store. The most frustrating thing about this antivirus are the frequent updates and the monetization policies. If you are trial version, you can get notification to buy the product every now and then. Besides this, once you had purchased the application, you will be asked to update the database very frequently, typically four to five times a week. This seems to be quite disturbing as a huge amount of data is being lost updating the antivirus.

Besides this, AVG antivirus is quite a good antivirus application, with zero tolerance to viruses, adware, malwares, Trojans etc. It also have some support tools such as PC cleaner, anti-spam etc., which adds a cherry to the cake.

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